The Not so Secret Life of a Triathlete’s Wife

“Why did you let him do triathlon?” 

Gold medal Swimjunkie Challenge El Nido 30-39 age category, 8km swim event

I said, “why not?” In my mind, how hard can it can be? I know the sport, I am not new to the training hours and I understand the costs that come with it.

Little did I know that I’ll be in one hell of a roller coaster ride after saying YES.

He Tri, I don’t

It was November 2017 when he bought his bike. Until now, whenever I asked him why he started doing triathlon he always say, “because you let me buy my bike.” He does not know anything about the sport so the second thing he did was to find a team to train with. Then, first Christmas party. I prepared Sisig for him to bring at the team event. From that night on, triathlon and Dax became inseparable. Started with MetaSprint series then Desaru 113, next to his first Ironman and the list went on. Everything is okay until he started forgetting to be present, often distracted; missing calls with our daughter and training most if not all of his waking hours. 

I thought, never mind. Maybe he is overwhelmed with the new lifestyle and he’ll get back on his feet soon. Days go by, laundry tripled in volume because of all the additional tri suits, bike shorts, jerseys and running gears he use every week; triathlon related purchases became a big part of the family budget, training schedule became more demanding and friendships outside triathlon are put on the back burner. 

I tried to make him see me (in short nagpapansin ako) by making sure he goes home to a clean house, good food, a well taken cared toddler and an available best friend. I even go with him to every Tri-friends gathering. I train with him if my body can take it. I also remind him of the need to have a balanced life.  But despite that, nothing changed. No thank yous only a fleeting feeling that whatever I do I am not enough because I cannot do traithlon with him.

I felt alone. Triathlete spouses lost their mates three times over. And there is no one we can turn to and sigh and say, “Mine’s biking today. Where’s yours?”

I felt like a triathlete widow.

Okay, I don’t Tri but I Yoga

Plan A didn’t work so on to Plan B. I tried Yoga and I fell in love with it. I started filing my schedule with distractions and decided to live without him in the equation. I stopped waiting for him. He might not be around but I have friends who where there during that time. (Thanks to them I survived.) But to be honest, it did not solve anything. Hiding from growing in your marriage as a couple by diving head-first into solo pursuits is counterproductive.

I almost went back to the Philippines to be with my daughter. Staying with him is pointless because in my mind, I stayed because you need me here and suddenly, I am out of the picture. He became too busy being a triathlete and forgot he is a husband and a father too. Days became more toxic and we started avoiding each other. The situation turned me into a desperate, unhappy, insecure and angry wife. In turn, i have hurt my husband too. But as I always say, life has its seasons and each season is there to teach us something.

Divorce by Triathlon is Real

I did not know about “Divorce by Triathlon” until I stumbled upon it while doing some reading on traithlon training. At first it sounded like an over reaction but, slowly it made sense. While all forms of exercise can be addictive, training and racing in triathlon is notoriously time- and wallet-consuming specially if its for a half or a full Ironman distance. Time and money are among the issues couples most commonly fight about even without triathlon in their lives. So how worse can it be? Also, exercise/training can be a withdrawal mechanism, something that keeps one partner from fully connecting with the other. Taken to extremes, it falls in the same category as excessive drinking  and affairs – an activity that creates distraction, breeds insecurities, deepens miscommunication and diminishes intimacy.

Couples who have not prepared well for one partner diving into the sport can easily run into trouble.

On to the next Race

There are different ways to turn resentment into joy.  In fact, as long as each concern is appropriately addressed, triathlon can bring new richness to a relationship. For many couples, it becomes a source of adventure, teamwork and shared accomplishment.

While it works for others that both become triathletes and have a shared experience, that does not work with us for now. I cannot afford to spent that amount of time and money on a sport and consequently neglecting my daughter big time. I am okay cheering on the side lines and sometimes maybe joining a race or two.

I know he enjoys doing the sport and I really want to be there to support him all the way. Little by little we started talking again. The turn of events at first were not at all ideal. Nonetheless, I will always be thankful for the experience.

You may have seen me recently. Maybe near the beach, on a Sunday, waiting for Dax to finish training. Or maybe in Desaru; I am the wife who has a blue cooler. I may have offered you ice once or twice or maybe saltsticks during a race. I am the wife running around and shouting to my husband how near he is from achieving his target time.

How did we recover? 


I’ve once written that it needs 100% effort from both spouses (because its a two way street) for a marriage to work. That’s what you have signed for in the contract, anyway. Always choose your spouse, your lifetime team mate. After all, what will a podium finish be like if you have no one to share it with? Be in the moment and stop checking your phone when on a date. Do not forget to show how much you enjoy putting your spouse first and spending time with him/her without bringing in your sport in the picture. Make time for family vacations and/or togetherness that don’t involve racing or training. 

Philippines to Indonesia: Ironman live streaming


For the non triathlete spouse, support the best way you could. You may choose to do the sport with him or take care of him just like what I do. Be present in the races, bring your child if you can. Be involved (but do not overdo it). Let your spouse welcome you in his triathlete circle and in turn show up and make friends. Familiarity with the people your spouse spends most of his time with may give you a sense of comfort too.


To the triathlete, communication here doesn’t just mean “I need an hour a day, every day, for exercise from now on,” it means explaining to your partner why the sport has become important to you, how you think it might impact your family, how do you see it as something fun for both of you. It also means listening to your partner’s concerns, and making real efforts to address them. Listen to understand and not to know how to answer back and re butt.


Talk about each other’s do’s and dont’s. Go over your goals and expectations with each other when you plan your season and throughout your training phases. Set a budget for your hobby and stick to it. You should set a money AND time budget that you and your spouse agree on.


Since you have someone else’s time to consider, make sure that you maximise your time training. Have a training plan. My husband is fortunate to have a friend and coach to guide him. Thanks Henry!


Just the other day, my husband blurted out, “When I race, you race too.” I asked, what do you mean? He explained that he won’t be able to do it if I don’t support him. Acknowledge your spouse’s contribution. This will help her/him feel that she/him is part of your successes too. Praise the triathlete’s efforts. Getting up at 5am is not easy specially if you have run the previous day for 21k. By praising your partner you’ll also let him/her know what you like most which in turn give you both the chance to know each other more.

Deciding to do triathlon entails a lifestyle change that may make or break relationships.

You choose your own outcome.

Photo credits: Jonathan Daza

13 thoughts on “The Not so Secret Life of a Triathlete’s Wife

  1. Chet Guevara says:

    Wow! I am sooo proud of you, Tey! Very well written and precised. Pwede ka ng mag marriage counselor 😂 I will share this to Mrs. Murray and I will see if this can be published in the Business Journal. We will find out what section we can place this article. Writer ka nga talaga! Despite of your busy schedule, you’ve managed to write pa this article. Congratulations! for a well written one. I love and support you. Mama Chet


    • Mrs.KrystleRoque says:

      Thank you Mama Chet!! You are one of the people i look up to. And thanking you for showing me what it is to be kind and loving. Ikaw talaga yung standard. I am just sharing what i experienced thinking I may unburden someone out there.


  2. Archie Cancio says:

    i’m totally surprised on how most triathletes wives had been going through. Dax and entire Riptide knows me, they call me “Founder”
    Sadly i gave up Triathlon due to my wife threaten to leave me if i do not stop on my tri addiction. Anyways, cost of Tri is no joke, it’s expensive in which i can’t maintain anymore. Thus, i had injury before i’m about to sign up in Full IM.
    Work, Tri, Life Balance is tough honestly. Maybe someday i could come back and finish my unfinished business…
    Founder (Archie)


    • Mrs.KrystleRoque says:

      Sir! Thank you for reading the article. The main intention was to help couples who are struggling with traithlon…maybe to understand both sides. Its not all bad after all 🙂 I just narrated what we’ve been through. Curious lang ako how did the article reach you? Salamat po ulit.


      • Archie Cancio says:

        nalimutan ko na, on some group chats then ni open ko. a week na cya d2 sa browser ko then today lang nagka time na tripan ko basahin hehe then suddenly i miss my good old days..

        Liked by 1 person

  3. A says:

    I am currently here. Its really hard to see the good a lot of days. I’ve brought up many times the lack of intimacy, quality time, chores around the house. Its frustrating. I find myself shutting down every couple of weeks when my needs are not met. I don’t feel I ask a lot. I make the majority of our meals, I do 90% of the cleaning/house chores, I initiate intimacy (or used to anyway, after a while it gets tiring not being noticed when you are walking around the house naked). He used to be a very complimenting person and always wanting to touch. We don’t go on dates, we dont watch movies and well he hasnt really made time to do anything the last few weeks. He is an introvert so he is home all the time. We work together, twice a week at a fitness club and he just started a nutrition business 6 mos ago. His time is literally spent on his computer, phone and training. When my exhaustion shows through and I break down, he says he knows he can be better and that he will and its good for a few days and then right back to it. I am studying my personal training course and an artist (weird combo right?) and live a fit life myself but I am no triathlon but keep busy and ALWAYS am asking him about his training. His Ironman is the beginning of August and I hope he will not do another. Does that make me selfish?!


    • Mrs.KrystleRoque says:

      I totally understand and you are not selfish at all. You have your needs too. Is this his first Ironman? Its maybe because he is also overwhelmed by the sport? Have you tried maybe riding a bike then accompanying him during his long runs? Hang in there. May you have the patience to keep on reaching out. It takes time. All the love! ❤️❤️


      • Ash says:

        It is his first and after a brief discussion, he plans on doing a full eventually. I have rode my bike by him. He’s terrible at prioritizing. We are 34&35 and I’m his first real relationship. We have been together a year and a half. I feel like as I’m typing one would think he’s just not invested in this relationship but when I finally vent, and say, “if you’re not invested, you need to tell me, I won’t wait around forever,” he says he can be better. So I don’t know what the hell to do. I have been very patient and have hid my emotions a lot as I don’t want to affect his training but what the f about me. Ugh!


      • Mrs.KrystleRoque says:

        I came to a point like that too. I am losing my patience and i am getting tired. I decided to wait for his race to finish. I said i will decide till then. Question is, do you think/feel he is worth it? I mean, its still you who will decide if you will be patient a little longer and work things out.


      • Ash says:

        I’m really holding out hope here. And yes, I’ve decided to see what happens with the race. He did make a comment the other day about the end being in sight so I guess it’s just a waiting game right now. But damn. It would be nice to be appreciated sometimes for all I do. When he makes me the odd dinner I am so grateful and really express that. He’s a pretty selfish person. He comes by it honestly. He was single from high school til now so. We shall see how this plays out


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