Non dairy Paneer?! Yes!

This is not your usual paneer because it is plant based and it has a story to tell.

On April 15, Agrocorp officially launched its plant based Paneer under its retail brand, HerbYvore. Agrocorp is a Singapore grown agri commodity trader which is now expanding into consumer brands, plant based food and local manufacturing. It has gone from sourcing raw materials to adding value and finally serving its products on our tables. As part of the team who sees all the product updates via a group chat, the paneer has now become a proof that an idea (the weirder the better) can be realized as long as there is someone who pushes for it and there is an enabling environment which supports it.

The Pea Paneer is a good example of not only a private sector collaboration but with the public (government) as well. The product was developed as part of a collaboration between Agrocorp and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and it is heartening to see such innovative food products transition from the lab to dining plates. Enterprise Singapore also plays an important role in the realisation of Agrocorp’s efforts. ESG connected Agrocorp with Fortune Fountain, a local SME that is willing to work with Agrocorp’s team to customise their manufacturing lines to produce the paneer. Further, ESG is helping to introduce the Pea Paneer to the world via business matching. This can be a small example of what Singapore is trying to achieve on to becoming a development and manufacturing center for alternative proteins as well as on its 30 by 30 initiative to achieve self sufficiency.

Sustainability is at the core of the brand. Its premise is not to convert people to becoming vegans or vegetarians but rather to help people realise that each meal is a choice and a chance to do something slightly better for the planet. This is doing our part in ensuring food availability in the years/generations to come.

It’s funny that after 10 years, I am still looking at things in a “public policy” point of view.

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