About Me

Hi, I am Krystle Marie Bagay-Roque, a wife to Dax, a mother to a little girl named Aia and a full time working millenial. I am fond of photography, talking about Aha! moments, Art, Cultural immersion, Checklists, and Dr. Seuss’ books.

Being a mother has always been a part of me but it will never be my totality. I am one part wanderer ;a person who lusts for new places, new experiences, and few turns once in a while.

I love climbing mountains, exploring places, scuba diving, beachineering, and biking around; and now, I have one more travel buddy to share every sunrise with…my daughter.

I am not a Breastfeeding pro but I believe that breast milk is the best for babies and also for mommy and daddy’s wallets. I am also striving for Mindful parenting everyday. 
Pardon me if do not have a decent photo of myself. I feel uncomfortable whenever I am being photographed. I have admitted to myself that its my Achilles’ heel together with Mathematics. I learned how to use make up at the age of 28. 

I am an overthinker. I analyze every experience I have and try to decipher it to learn more about myself and other. At first I was afraid of publicizing my thoughts because I don’t think I merit an audience. But nonetheless, I made this blog to try to inspire people, to send out a message that we are in control, we always have a choice what to think, feel and experience. Life will never be perfect but it will always be beautiful. 

I strongly believe in paying it forward.

I am  an OFW and currently living with my family in Singapore and loving their local fish soup.

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