The Bright Spot known as Grandparents’ love

“I very much enjoyed it.” These are the words of my mom when she brought my daughter out. 

Aia left the Philippines when she was 7 weeks old and only visit her grandparents once a year. 

I did not realize how much my mom miss us and Aia until I paid attention during our last visit. I never expected that my mom would actually enjoy watching my daughter just be a kid. 

My husband and I do everything we can to let my daughter stay with us in Singapore while we are both working. OFWs here will know how challenging and costly it is to rear a child in the Garden city. Nonetheless, we close one eye and just enjoy each day. 

Recently, my daughter was left with her grandparents for two weeks in PH. I have no other choice because I need to look for a childcare for her and she needs some rest. I send her to the nanny everyday from mondays-fridays. At somepoint, travelling made her too tired. She became sickly for the past month which also cost me all my leaves.

I am worried that our kid will have a hard time not having us around and needing to adapt to a new environment. I am afraid of a lot of things. Will she cry for days, will she enjoy her vacation, will she be able to eat well and others. 

On my first night without her I actually cried because I miss her climbing on my chest to sleep and hug me. (Correct, I am a very sentimental person. Iyakin in tagalog. Haha)

But then, I believe that in every situation there is a silver lining somewhere. 

With this long vacation, my mom was able to cook for Aia which she wasn’t able to do even for us when we were young. My mother in law will tell me stories of how excited Aia is whenever she plays with her cousins. Aia had a chance to meet almost all her relatives and she had a first time encounter with dirt. (In Singapore roads are either paved or with grass) 

Hearing my mom narrate how happy she is watching the little girl dance is more than enough to convince me that we made the right choice. Two weeks can be long for us because we miss our daughter badly but thats in exchange of my mom’s happy memories with her grand child and the memories my little Aia would remember. 

My mom’s love tank is now full and overflowing. 

Little things count too.

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