Chinatown in Pictures

What are the best two things about having a toddler? They can say in simple ways what they want instead of just crying non stop and they can walk. We started bringing our daughter on bike rides when she was 10months. The first ride lasted for 2 hours. And now that she is almost two we can now bike from 10am- 4pm with nap breaks. So just like biking, we also bring her to photowalks. 

Free Days are Family Days

In Singapore, Chinese New Year is a big celebration. So it is a yearly tradition that on New Year’s Eve almost all companies will only have a half day of work. Since my colleague told me that Chinatown will be very packed on New Year’s eve, I want to experience it myself. 

We started walking around 3pm. We went around Chinatown through Pagoda St. We usually carry a Tula in case my kid gets tired and a portable fan. As young as 2 years old I want to do things with my kid. I am trying to make her see that the world is big enough for her to play, no need for fancy playgrounds and toys. What she only need are some courage and imagination.

Trying “Dragon’s breath”. A snack that is infused with nitrogen

Rainbow Bagels from WORD.

Temples in Between

Aside from experiencing the CNY rush, we also went to visit some temples. To our dismay all were closed. We did not give up though and still looked around. 

The Three of Us: A Package Deal 

We would always bring our daughter to all the parties, badminton games and bike trips. In exchange we also swim with her, color with her and memorize all the nursery rhymes we can master. It is more of sharing. We bring her to our “adult” world and we accompany her in her “toddler” world too. 

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