Perks of Being a Working Mom

A. I appreciate even my child’s “please carry me” and “please feed me at 3am” cries. Being away from her for almost 10 hours a day makes me miss her more. The tiredness from work is a non issue because every minute with her is to be cherished. Even the fussy days count.

B. I am able to convince myself to eat healthier. My boss had this observation that when its for someone else its easier for us to do something. since i breastfeed my daughter, i drink carrot juice 2 times a day, eat oatmeal cookies and drink more soup to maintain my milk output. She is healthy, i am healthy too.

C. I have proved that if there’s a will, there’s a wayIMG_6871. Work plus breastfeeding taught me to multitask effectively; completing office deliverables and pumping milk every 2-3 hours.

D. My husband has his fair share of daddy-daughter moments. Since my husband and i are both working we alternate in taking care of our little one. I can confidently leave them for days knowing that my husband also knows her different cry cues.

E. I have different stories for her everyday. I have this habit of talking to my daughter during playtime and every night I tell her things i did for the day.

F. There is an extra set of people who loves my daughter. I am fortunate to work with people who value family and hardwork. She’s the first RBG baby.

I personally want to be a stay at home mom and take care of my daughter full time but circumstances did not permit me. There are missed opportunities but new ones come up.  And today, I understand why its more than okay for me to have this setup. 


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