How to Survive the First 6 weeks of Exclusively Breastfeeding Your Baby

A. Have your husband enrolled in the idea that breast is the best. Our society has become so used to formula feeding that we forget that breastfeeding is the natural way of feeding babies. I had a few experiences that people around me would say that my milk is not enough or formula has DHA that makes kids intelligent while breastmilk has none or that I’m already too skinny so I should stop. I know that they just say it out of concern but I want to stand by what I want. You’re husband can be the best partner in this. He will be there to remind you of the thousand reasons why you chose to breastfeed when you are about to give up.
B. Have a support group like Breastfeeding Pinays which will keep you informed of the latest news on breastfeeding. I am fortunate that Breastfeeding Pinays is already existing when I gave birth. I may have missed the Unang Yakap and the Virgin gut part but still they kept me sane during the time when Anaiah is having nipple confusion, when she was very colicky and when she spit out milk too much. All of this may sound alarming but they taught me how to get all through those.

C. Have the unwavering drive to breastfeed.When Anaiah is at the stage of asking for milk every thirty minutes and drinks for an hour; when my nipples are both swollen and hurting; when I only have 1 hour of sleep each day because she was very colicky; when I must play deaf to all her frustrated cries because she doesn’t know how to feed from me; I wanted to give up. But I just remind myself that exclusively breastfeeding my baby is the best gift I can give her for now.

D. Have domain knowledge on breastfeeding. As the famous Ernie Baron say, Knowledge is Power. When you know the ins and outs of breastfeeding you will be more confident of you decision. Formula feeding and Breast feeding are very much different. For example, in formula feeding they increase the ounces of milk consumed every month but for breastfed babies we follow the 1-1.5 ounce per hour rule until 6 months. Sometimes, your own mother or your mother in law will question why does your baby always asks for milk and stipulates that your milk is not enough and you must supplement with formula. Or they are much afraid that you will not last until 6 months. Just be informed and steadfast.  The following websites might be of help also:

La Leche League

So for all soon to be mommies out there, breastfeeding is not just a fashion statement. It is a commitment to your baby. It is for you to decide.

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