Coming Out too Soon

Growing Her Inside

It has been 6 months since I gave birth to our little Anaiah. The journey has been so far beautiful yet challenging. My pregnancy was not a bliss. I dreaded riding the MRT because it made me feel sick and nauseous. It had been the longest 45 minutes of my day for 12 weeks. I cannot even eat my usual favorites! I know, its such a waste. Pregnancy is the only time in each and every woman’s life that we can have a big tummy and still look sexy and I cannot eat much. haha!  I thrive on eating my husband’s cooking, guava and carrots. Good thing, I have a supportive husband, kudos to you Dax! He was pregnant with me during those times.  Since we are OFWs we decided that I  gave birth in the Philippines. Giving birth in Singapore may cost us 15,000 sgd or almost half a million pesos so tipid, tipid!! I had to travel before I reach my 32nd week because I had preterm contractions when Aia is just 22 weeks old.

Coming Out without Notice

God has his ways. Good thing I opted to go home early. I had pre term labor due to UTI (which I did not feel anything of) at 32 weeks and my cervix opened up to 4cm! I only knew about this because I went to my OB for my usual pre natal check up then wooah, I can give birth anytime! A little more physical activity, Anaiah would have come out at her 8 month. I was hospitalized for 5 days then my OB allowed me to go home to continue resting.  I had to be on total bed rest until she reach her 9th month. During those days I learned to do everything while lying on the bed. I didn’t realize that lying too much would be that painful too. haha. On April 21, I thought that I am just constipated again because my tummy feels different. Also, when my aunt helped me take a bath, she noticed that my tummy is a bit lower that usual. She said we cannot do anything if Aia wants to come out sooner. By 8:00pm the pain became consistent. At first I do not want to go to the hospital since I can only travel by ambulance (the doctor does not want me to sit up in a car, it might open my cervix more) but at 9:30pm I decided to go to hospital. My OB came from a convention in Manila so she’s a bit late and when she measured me I’m 6cm on the way. Everyone was a bit shocked that I am taking the pain lightly. I can still laugh and joke around. That’s my way of managing the pain and fear I think. Everyone even bet on what intensity rate will I start to shout.

Then the Operating Room

I had no inkling that I’ll give birth that day that’s why Dax was also taking his time. He was shocked that I told him he needs to fly ASAP as I am already admitted in the hospital. As I am being wheeled to the operating room I had no idea that labor can be that painful. When the intensity of the contraction reached 67 i cannot talk anymore. Everything seems to float and all I can hear is my OB’s voice instructing me when to push. It feels like i am in a dream in which I cannot fathom the surge of feelings I am in. I am prayed that God help me manage the pain and whisper to Aia to come out soon. Everything happened very fast. One moment my water bag broke, I felt contractions that made me say cursing words, then the big needle going through my spine then three last push and then Anaiah’s body on to my hip. She cried after a few seconds and I was able to relax.

I did not experience Unang Yakap with her. She was immediately brought to the side to be cleaned and put on her oxygen. I can only hear her cries, which to a new mother is very comforting. My baby is alive and she has a complete set of hands and feet; and mouth and eyes. I saw her after 10 hours. She is peacefully sleeping with all the hospital apparatuses on her tiny body. She’s a fighter, I know.

We had to leave her in the hospital because the doctors need to do a lot of tests on her. My OB is expecting a worse case scenario, good thing Anaiah is strong. I was able to directly breastfeed her on our 5th day. I just expressed the colostrum out. I had high fever because Anaiah haven’t drank milk from me. The first few days of expressing milk and trying to teach Aia in the hospital to suck was a herculean task. It took time and a lot of patience from the both of us. I thank Anaiah for being the best breastfeeding partner for me. On the 8th day after her birth day, she was able to go home but I still had to continue giving her medicine.

More so, all the hoola about my pregnancy made me appreciate my mom’s sacrifices for me. I was never a mommy’s girl so this experience made mom and I closer. Yes, all things happened for a reason.
To this day, Anaiah is now a fluffy healthy kid, who loves playing peek-a-boo, who talks a lot, who smiles and laughs whenever we tell her we love her, who gives us immense joy and who will soon experience eating her first solid food.

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