Eat and Go Around the City

It is a plus whenever you have office mates who share the same fear as you, GETTING HUNGRY! Everyday, my Singaporean colleagues will bring me to hawker centers or food shops which sells tasty and affordable meals.

If you are here for a visit in the Garden City of Singapore or just loitering around City Hall or Bugis MRT area you can find these places for a fill of authentic Singaporean food, not to mention the rich history behind it (my office is nearby so this selection is quite lengthy):

If you LOVE tiger prawns and soup then this is for you. For only 4.50, you’ll have a mouthful of prawns in a savory, tasty, slightly sweet soup and noodles. This is just at the back of the famous Haji Lane (i will write a separate post on this tourist hotspot). I am allergic to prawns that is why I ordered the Pork Rib noodles but still keep in mind that the soup is prawn based. This stall traces its history all the way back to 1928 and has given birth to some of the most famous prawn stalls in Singapore. It is truly one of our most celebrated Heritage Hawker stalls.

Address: 243/245 Beach Road #01-01 Singapore 189754, Singapore

No one talked during this specific meal, so I guess its really good!


There are three things why eating at Prince Coffee House is a must! First, good vibes! If you are into stress eating and you need some good vibes visit this place. The one in charge since the shop begun is still very much in the game and is the one who personally served us with all smiles! Plus, they gave us free dessert! A slice of freshly baked apple pie or a slice of loaf. But wait there’s more! free drinks too that day! Good vibes galore! Secondly, they serve good and affordable food. I actually ordered their famous Beef Hor Fun but failed to take a photo of it! Its too good! They serve half chicken which tastes like Kenny Rogers Chicken with bread and soup of the day for 9sgd. The serving can be for 2 people!  Third, Prince is a  living museum! In a time when most cafes are trying to re-create that retro look by buying up antiques from across the causeway, Prince has their own set of antique cutlery which are still being used to serve customers, not to mention the waiters wearing Singapore’s Batik terno!

Until now, Uncle is enthusiastic in greeting and serving customers. You can see his younger picture on the big billboard in the restaurant.

Address: 249 Beach Road (Opp Park Royal), Singapore


This shop is famous for its Fish soup and Curry Fish Head. I personally love their Fish Soup Beehoon something like their version of the Filipino “Sopas” only that they put fried/steamed fish and bee hon. Its filling and at the same time tastes like home to me.

Address: #01-01, 31 Tan Quee Lan Street



This stall is known for its Cantonese Style roasted meat, either duck and Char siew (pork). Its being served with either chicken rice or plain white rice and is accompanied by pickled cabbage and gravy which is salty/sweet dumped on the rice and meat.  Yes, it is not that healthy but its one of my comfort food!

Address: 87 Beach Road #01-01 Chye Sing Building Singapore 189695, Singapore


This eating house is famous for its Hainanese Chicken rice and other authentic Hainanese delicacies! This, together with Prince Coffee House has been operating for decades! For 6sgd you can have a taste of their best seller. Yes, I forgot to take a photo again as I finished my chicken very fast! My favorite though at this stall is their Hainanese Mix Vegetable.

Address: 19 Purvis Street, Beach Road Conservation Area

Hainanese Mix Vegetable

So I hope next time when you are within the area try those local food that are not only delectable but can really make you feel you are in Singapore!

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