Porchetta kind of Sunday


Yey! my finished product after several hours of waiting! Patience is a virtue!

A year ago, my husband bought an oven for me. Finally, I have tried using the rotisserie function of it. This recipe is an original from a friend, Ate Anne. She has a lot of tasty recipes! you may follow her at: http://ecstaticmothering.wordpress.com. She bakes AWESOME cakes too!

I’m just sharing it with photos for a beginner like me.

1.5 kg pork belly slimageab (square shape and without bones!)
Salt and pepper
Masterfoods All purpose seasoning
Laurel Leaf 6pcs
2 stalks lemon grass
Bunch of spring onion
Garlic 1 bulb, Crushed and Skin on

1 large onion cut in quarters (sauteed lightly in oil until transparent)
2000 ml Boiling Hot Water

How to do it?

1. Boil the water. Lay the pork belly on a  barbeque grill or anything where water can go through. Pour the hot water in batches on the skin of the pork imagebelly. Make sure that the whole skin has been poured with hot water. This is a must for the skin to be crispy! After scalding, tap excess water using paper towels. Refrigerate for 1 hr uncovered to dry.

2. After an hour, remove pork from the refrigerator then score the skin depending how you will roll the meat. You can see on the photo below that there are cuts between the string, that’s scoring. Make sure that there is enough sace in between and the cuts are not too deep. Maybe a 1 1/2 inch interval is okay.  After scoring, use the tip of the knife to poke the pork belly a lot of times! Then after that, cut the other side of the pork so that the marinade will be absorbed. 

3. Marinate the pork then tie it. Season generously with peppeimager and salt and All purpose seasoning. Do not season the skin as of this time, just the meat part. Then, together with the rod of the rotisserie put laurel leaves,onions,garlic, lemon grass and a bunch of spring onion. Tying can be messy and it doesn’t need to be perfect it just have to be tight and intact. After tying ibalik sa ref, still ng walang kahit na ano sa skin ha. Towel dry the skin again and marinate for 2 hrs. After marinating, pre heat the oven to 160c. Pour vegetable oil on top of the skin then massage with a generous amount of salt.
4. Roast the pork belly at 160c low and slow for 3-4 hrs depending on the oven. If the meat is tender within 3 hrs then increase the oven temperature to 220c. You may need to closely monitor what you are cooking. If the oven temperature is too high it may not make the skin crispy.

5. Take the pork out of the oven then let it rest for 15 mins.

Happy Cooking!

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