What is an Insurance Policy? 

WARNING: This can be a sales pitch to you but its a reality that can happened to anyone. 

An Insurance policy is only a thick set of paper with legal terms placed in a white envelope which no one bothers to read until it paid all the hospital bills when an OFW has been admitted. It then becomes the best decision in his life and an answered prayer.


It eased  the apprehension of a person away from his family on a hospital bed. It is the assurance of safety to the wife and kids that their father is taken cared of. It became the reason that the life time savings will stay intact. It is the golden goose where money will flow. As the father lies on the hospital bed, he is assured that after recuperating he will not be left with tons of credit to pay and instead a family who is waiting for him to be well. His little boy will be running to him, while weaving his award from school. Yes, he will not stop attending school even if his father had a bad accident. He will still be able to pursue his dream of being an engineer like his dad.

Life goes on and lessons were learned.

On a personal note, I bought an insurance for my pregnancy. I did not know i will undergo pre term labor at 34 weeks and my daughter stayed in NICU for 7days. I got 800sgd as an insurance claim helping me to shoulder the hospital bills that time. I paid only 300+ sgd as my premium.

For inquiries please contact: Ms. Jo San Jose jocruzsanjoseataia.com.sg

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