The Little Girl named Caitie

I came across Caitie’s story through a facebook post of a friend. I got curious and I read through her story. The articles talked about her condition starting from rashes to a full blown unknown ailment for 3 months.

Just a month ago, she went to Singapore to seek further medical attention and just then the doctors said she has a rare case of leukemia.

I got so attached to her story that I started following her journey and liked her facebook page Courageous Caitie. I am a mother of a little girl so maybe the mother instinct in me kicked in. I wanted to visit her in NUH and maybe bring some things her family needs but due to schedule constraints I simply cannot.
Everyday I would see her mother or her father’s post and it will make me silent and say a prayer for the family. That is why I am writing this post. As of the moment, a lot of people are storming heaven with prayers for Caitie and her family and I think that’s the main purpose of this whole journey.
Caitie and her family’s resilience is exceptional. Who am I to complain and not trust God if this little girl can? She is a 3 year old bigger than any adult. She take each day one at a time, not scared of all the needles and the pain it might bring her but still very eager to paint and eat if her situation permits.
This little girl named Caitie who i don’t know personally taught me to be humble. Humble to never question God about his plans for me but only obey. To trust God even I’m in a situation that I am not comfortable.

Everyday, I hear stories about suicide bombings, economic recession, territorial disputes, corruption and election sh*t but this little Caitie and her journey make me hope for a better tomorrow for my little girl.

Thank you Caitie for reminding me how to live life. My heart is filled with warmth, love and hope. You have been an inspiration to the people who you never met but came across your story. You are an angel even before you went back to our creator. 

To her parents, thank you for showing unwavering strenght. You did a great job in supporting Caitie on her journey. Its time to regroup. Moving on sounds farfetched right now but remember that God is with you on this. You two are exceptional. 

Saludo ako sa inyo. 

*all photos are taken from Caitie’s FB page

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